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Monday, 16 September 2013

3. Itinerary - First draft.

This is the first draft, so looks rather bare at this stage. The problem I am having with the Ireland part is the section after Killarney. Do I stop overnight at Cork and Kilkenny, or just KIlkenny or just bus it straight to Dublin? Ah, the joys of planning eh? Half the fun is planning your trip, working out now will I go there and will I stay here, how many nights, is two enough or do I need three?

Then of course comes the computing - a good word that, "computing" innit? (it's really only a fancy word for saying working out) buses and timetables for you can be sure of one thing - the buses don't always go directly from A to B - there's sometimes a change of bus needed.

Saturday 28 June: Depart Melbourne

Sunday 29 June: Arrive London
Monday 30:

Tuesday 1 July:
Wednesday 2
Thursday 3
Friday 4
Saturday 5
Sunday 6
Monday 7
Tuesday 8
Wednesday 9

Thursday 10: London to Paris
Friday 11
Saturday 12
Sunday 13
Monday 14
Tuesday 15
Wednesday 16

Thursday 17: Paris to Dublin

Friday 18: Dublin to Galway
Saturday 19:
Sunday 20:

Monday 21: Galway to Killarney
Tuesday 22: Ring of Kerry tour?

Wednesday 23: Killarney to Cork

Thursday 24: Cork to Dublin
Friday 25:
Saturday 26:

Sunday 27:
Monday 28
Tuesday 29
Wednesday 30
Thursday 31

Friday 1 August
Saturday 2
Sunday 3
Monday 4
Tuesday 5
Wednesday 6
Thursday 7
Friday 8
Saturday 9
Sunday 10

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