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Saturday, 4 January 2014

27. Paris Accommodation - Sorted

Well I finally found a hotel which I'm happy with. I hadn't realised until a couple of days ago that checkout for the place I'd originally booked was between 10.00 and 11.00 am and I have a flight at ten o'clock which means I have to checkout about 7.30am. So, it was back to the drawing board. Yes, I had booked a couple of others but wasn't completely happy with them, there was just something about each one that just, I don't know, they didn't make me feel glad to be there.

 Anyway, I happened to come across a hotel which looked really nice and I liked the area it was in, so I booked a single room with a double bed even though it was quite a bit higher priced - 520 euros. When I checked the currency conversion from euro to dollars I received quite a jolt - $800! Wow! No way could I afford eight hundred bucks for four nights.

 Then I went to the hotel website to see if it was cheaper booking directly and found not only was it cheaper but they have single rooms with a single bed at 85 euro a night - 360 euro for four nights. Although the single bed room isn't as "nice" or pretty as the double bed room, it has the same amenities, the only real difference is the size - 11 m² compared to 12 m². Both are at the back of the hotel with a "courtyard" view.

Above: Hôtel du Levant rooms
Apart from the usual, the rooms have a safety deposit box, minibar and a complimentary tray of coffee and tea, which is a bonus. One of the things I liked about this hotel is they have a lounge area with boardgames and newspapers, which means when you get back to the hotel you're not relegated to staying in the room, you can relax in the lounge area which to me is good indeed. The other thing that did it for me is the street the hotel is in is full of restaurants and eating places, so there's always someone milling around in the evening. Much nicer when you want to take an evening stroll, you're not is some quiet road with no life or vibrancy.

Above: Exterior
The hotel looks pretty good from the front doesn't it?

Above: Street hotel is located
This is the street the hotel is in - just what I imagined. Full of tables outside, people drinking coffee or sipping wine, the hubub of voices all around. This is the Paris I want, this is what I want to see at night.

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