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Thursday, 12 June 2014

32. The Beatles and Abbey Road

One of the places I must go when I'm in London is the pedestrian crossing where the Beatles were photographed as they crossed the road. After searching to find where it was and how to get there, it is evidently very, very famous and loads of people pose (at great risk to themselves and others), to have their photo taken while striding across the white lines.

I remember that photo well - of the "Fab Four", arms swinging, walking in single file, I remember buying the sheet music of their single "Something" back in 1969 and knew I still had it because I'd looked it out last year. A long and fruitful 30 minutes later, there it was - I had it and it's in pretty good knick considering it's age. Not dog-eared at all.

And because it brings back memories .......

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